Sunday, June 15, 2014

Royce Chocolate Launch in Bangalore [EVENT]

I was invited to a pre-launch event of Royce Chocolate store in Bangalore. Royce is a Japanese luxury chocolate brand and they are opening their first store in Bangalore on 20th June, 2014 at JW Mariott. I got an early peek at the product lineup at this event. Though I am not a big chocolate lover, I was impressed at the quality and carefully prepared sweet treats - now I am actually waiting for the store to open so I can bring these home! Here are some pictures of the different chocolates I got to taste.

Nama: This carefully crafted bite-sized eggless chocolates are truly a complete dessert in itself. These soft pieces are so perfect that it comes with a spoon-like stick specially designed not to spoil the shape as you pick it up to eat!

Baton: This is long thin cookie coated with chocolate. In the picture above, one is hazelnut flavor and another is crunchy coconut. This is a great tea-time accompaniment.

Potato Chip Chocolate: This was my favorite of the whole lineup. If you like potato chips and chocolate - this is a perfect snack for you. I don't mind sitting in front of TV with a bag full of these.
Criollo: This is a dark chocolate made from rare cacao beans sourced from Venezuela. 
Pure: This is a uniquely shaped chocolate rich and creamy. Literally melts in your mouth.

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