Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Indian Gooseberry (Black&White Wednesday) [PHOTO]

Amla is a wonder berry. Rich in vitamin C, it is a common household winter fruit in India. It is used to make pickles, jams, juice and mouth fresheners. Since this is Amla season here in Bangalore, I thought of sharing a picture with you today.
Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

My Entry to the Black And White Wednesday event ! The Well Seasoned Cook


  1. Please share new recipe. I get excited whenever I see Spicy tangy mail. But these days I din't find any new recipe. Diwali is coming dear and I need your help as always. Please share some new recipes for the festive season.

    Bless you :)

  2. Hey Anshul
    Check out today's recipe :) !! Noodles just for YOU :)!
    and yes do try corn and capsicum soup which i posed couple of days back !!
    more coming soon !!
    Thanks Dear for all your support !

  3. A truly beautiful still life, Shuchi. I've always been partial to fresh gooseberries and currants, very unique in the world of fruit.
    Thank you for your great BWW photo.